Challenger Limited


Established in 1991, Challenger is an international provider of contract oil and gas land drilling and workover services, headquartered in Egypt and operating mainly in Libya with a fleet of 29 rigs. Challenger’s operations have been adversely impacted by subsequent deteriorating geo-political conditions in Libya, together with the recent severe volatility in oil prices. The Company currently has seven active rigs under contract.

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Private Equity
Oil & Gas
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Latest News from Challenger

Bronco Drilling Company acquires 25% of Challenger Limited

25th February 2008

AbdulLatif Mohammed Janahi: 39% Growth in the Value of the Investment within a Year from Acquiring Shares in Challenger  Venture Capital Bank and Challenger Limited Company signed a definitive agreement with Bronco Drilling C ...

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Venture Capital Bank acquires stake in major oil drilling company

30th October 2006

Venture Capital Bank, a Bahrain-based investment bank, along with its partner, the US private equity firm Global Emerging markets (GEM), have acquired a significant stake in the MENA-based oil drilling contractor Challenger Limited. Established in 1 ...

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