A Regional Pioneer

Commencing operations in October 2005, Venture Capital Bank pioneered the provision of venture capital investment opportunities and dedicated support for the SME sector in the MENA region, within an Islamic investment banking framework.

This approach underlines the commitment of the Bank’s founding shareholders to partner with like-minded investors in channelling funds towards innovative investment opportunities that would stimulate the growth and development of regional economies.

In light of subsequent economic, financial and socio-political crises, VCBank has progressively realigned its investment strategy and business model to face the challenges of a new economic norm and changing market dynamics.

Today, the Bank is a prominent Shari’ah-compliant alternative asset manager, with a primary  focus on income-yielding real estate assets and selective private equity investments. VCBank’s objective is to generate consistent returns with calculated risk from high-quality, rigorously-investigated, efficiently-structured and well-managed investment opportunities.

The Bank’s investment portfolio is prudently diversified by geography and sector in order to minimise concentration risk and better withstand market volatility, with core markets being the GCC and MENA regions, Turkey, USA and UK. VCBank has also developed a distinctive capability and competitive edge in key sectors such as healthcare, agriculture and food, fertilizers, income-yielding real estate, and liquidity programmes. The Bank adds value to its portfolio companies through active participation and support, in order to maximise the exit potential of its investments.

With an authorised capital of US$ 500 million and paid-up capital of US$ 190 million, VCBank operates under an Islamic wholesale banking licence from the Central Bank of Bahrain. The Bank benefits from the financial backing and support of a prominent group of regional shareholders, an experienced team of industry professionals, and a close-knit network of strategic business partners.


Our vision is to be a leading regional Shari’ah-compliant investment bank, helping to drive business growth, and supporting the economic and social development of the GCC and MENA regions.


Our mission is to maximise shareholders’ value and clients’ wealth through identifying promising investment opportunities that generate consistent risk-adjusted returns; while delivering the highest standards of client service.



The values of performance, innovation, client service, teamwork and Shari’ah compliance, guide us in our personal and professional behaviour. The adoption of international standards and global best practice governs the way we manage the operations of the Bank across all areas of activity.